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Come and join us for a multi sensorial experience:
Taste - What's the flavor of flour?
Smell - Can you tell the difference between lemon and orange just by smelling them?
Sight - What is the shape of an egg? What color is cheese?
Feeling - Is it smooth? Rough? Soft? Cold? Warm?

So many things you can discover just by using your senses.

At our creative baking classes & cooking classes, we will learn how to create easy food, both sweet and savory, while focusing on practical math skills such as : addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and even fractions, science, vocabulary
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Cooking With Kids: How to cook and bake easy and healthy dishes while enjoying some family-fun time. Cooking with kids is a great way to connect and learn new things. The memories and recipes will stay yours forever.
Baking Love: When you're cooking and baking with children you can connect and improve your relationship with them. How to use the kitchen to create a safe and loving environment for your child. This is a parents-only class.

At Home Baking Classe
s: The art of baking, or how to impress your family, friends and guessts with your newly learned baking wizardry.
(Bread, Pies, Cakes, Cookies and much more).
Chocolate Classes: What you need to know about the sweet dark sensation, and how to work with it- A truly fun and exciting experience.
(Tempering, Dipping, Molding and more)
We offer in home cooking classes and baking classes.
We will travel to your place and provide the supply and ingredients.
Call now for a free consultation 973-826-2020